Your safety is our #1 priority! We strive to provide the best service
possible without compromising your trust.

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  • Background check

    We advise that you take extra measures to check the hootsperts background and history before hiring. Performing a basic background check to verify business information is important before making a hiring commitment.

  • Approved service category

    Hootfy allow services in Home, Photography, Catering, Design, Entertainment, and More. Services outside of these listed were not approved nor reviewed by Hootfy.

    If you should see any service not approved in the list, please report this to the Hootfy Team

  • Check for

    Hootfy awards a tag to hootsperts who have been verified as a registered and trustworthy operating business.

  • View recommendations

    Be sure to review recommendations provided by other customers. Customer recommendations are only provided by customers who have hired the hootspert previously.

  • Verify address and telephone

    Double check the hootsperts address by checking online sources to verify its accuracy. Be sure to call the phone number listed on the profile page and speak with a representative to verify the contact information provided on the profile.

  • No suspicious offers

    Hootfy does not allow any suspicious hootsperts that do not have a business name or address. Hootfy will review activities and offers that appear to be suspicious.

    If you are unsure about a Hoot offer, report it to the Hootfy Team

  • Nothing sexual

    Hootfy unequivocally does not allow any sexual services of any and all nature on the site or on any affiliated sites. Anyone found to have violated this notice will be removed immediately and will be subject to legal prosecution.

  • No minors

    Hootfy requires that all users and members are of the legal age of 18 or more. Any user, member or hootspert that is under the age of 18, will immediately be removed.

  • US companies only

    Hootfy restricts hootsperts to only US based companies. Hootfy also requires that the profile pages for hootsperts are in English and disclose the most recent address.

    All transactions on Hootfy should be in US Dollars.

  • No bartering

    Hootfy accepts payment via credit card and PayPal. Do not accept any cash transactions or bartering of services or products by hootsperts. If this should appear as an option by a hootspert or customer, report this to the Hootfy Team.

  • Review years in business

    The number of years that a hootspert has indicated to be in business is a good indication of its legitimacy.

  • Check any linked social networks

    Hootsperts may link their social networks. Make sure that the linked social network sites match the description on their profile page.

  • Sex offender database check

    We will remove any member where the name and zipcode appears in the sex offender database. We take safety and security seriously and will not compromise this in any way.

  • Professional Licenses

    Under some states, a professional license is required for some services. Be sure to understand the law and jurisdictions in your state. Verify that the hootspert maintains the necessary insurances, in addition to holding an up-to-date qualified license, before agreeing to project terms.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that all hootsperts are verified and validated based on the information they provide us upon registration. We require hootsperts to present a Tax-ID or W9 in order to complete registration. However, even with our extensive safety measures, we advise members to take precaution before hiring any hootspert by: 1. Checking background, 2. Confirming licenses and business info, 3. Checking for licenses or certifications (dependent on the service need) and 4. Review what other customers have mentioned about the hootspert

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